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What are the types of tractor brakes?

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The general brake is through which the fixed element of the rotating element to apply the braking torque, so that the latter's rotational angular speed is reduced, while relying on the adhesion of the wheel and the ground, to produce the road on the wheel braking force to slow down the car. Who work using fixed components and rotation components on the surface of the friction and braking torque of brake friction brake. At present, friction brakes used in automobiles can be divided into drum type and disc type. Brake is a very important tractor part, this article is mainly talking about the types of brake.


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 Drum brake

The rotating element is fixed on the wheel or the semi-axle, that is, the brake torque directly ACTS on the two sides of the wheel brake is called the drum brake. The drum brake can be divided into leader-follower shoe brake, one-way double-leader shoe brake, two-way double-leader shoe brake, double-slave shoe brake, one-way self-increasing brake and so on. Different machines need to choose different brakes, agricultural machinery should go to the shop to choose their own brakes, our company provide all kinds of tractor spare parts.

Various drum brakes have their own advantages and disadvantages.  In terms of braking efficiency, the basic structure parameters and wheel cylinder working pressure are under the same conditions, the self-increasing brake due to the friction potential will play the most useful role at the first.  the following order is the double collar shoe type, the lead shoe type and the double slave shoe type. However, the friction coefficient between the shoe drum itself is an unstable factor, and can vary widely with the material, temperature and surface conditions of the brake drum and the friction disc. Also, it is very important to choose the clutch cover,our company provides a variety of clutch cover assembly.



Disc brake

The rotating element in the disc brake friction pair is a metal disc working on the end, which is called the brake disc. Its fixed element has a variety of structural types, can be broadly divided into two categories. One kind is composed of brake disc and brake caliper brake, known as the disc brake. Another kind of fixed element of the metal back plate and friction disc is also disc shape, all the working face of the brake disc can be in contact with the friction disc at the same time, called the full brake. If the tractor needs to be replaced, be sure to go to the shop, where provide tractor repair support.

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Disc brake and drum brake, has the following advantages: generally no friction potential role, so the brake performance is less affected by the friction coefficient, that is, the performance is more stable. After soaking in water, the efficiency decreases less, and it only takes one or two braking to return to normal. When the output braking torque is the same, the size and mass are generally smaller. Brake disc along the direction of the thickness of thermal expansion is very small, will not like the thermal expansion of the brake drum brake clearance increase significantly and lead to the brake pedal travel too large; It is easier to realize automatic clearance adjustment and other maintenance and repair operations are also easier. For the disc brake, because the brake disc exposed, there is a good advantage of heat dissipation. Disc brake is the lack of efficiency is low, so used in the hydraulic braking system when the brake line pressure is high, generally want to use servo device.

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