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Troubleshooting and maintenance of tractor hydraulic suspension system

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The hydraulic suspension system connects agricultural implements and tractors, uses hydraulic pressure to operate the suspended agricultural implements, and performs farm operations with lifting or lowering functions. There are two connection methods for agriculture machines and tractor spare parts: three-point connection and two-point connection. Small and medium sized tractors are generally connected to farm implements using a three-point suspension method. The two-point connection is generally used for the connection of high-horsepower tractors and agricultural tools. The hydraulic suspension system is divided into three types: split type, semi split type and integral type. However, in the long-term use, the hydraulic suspension system can not work normally due to the internal and external leakage of hydraulic oil, the blockage of pipeline and the stagnation of slide valve. How to eliminate and maintain the common faults of tractor hydraulic suspension system?



Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Suspension System

  1.  Difficulty in Lifting Agricultural Tools

(1) Check whether the drive of the oil pump is connected. If the coupling of the power transmission mechanism of the oil pump is not connected, stop the machine and connect the power of the oil pump and connect the coupling of the power transmission mechanism of the oil pump. If the oil return valve is stuck in the open position, or it is not closed tightly due to the dirt cushion, use a small wooden stick to tap on the oil return valve cover gently, so that the oil return valve will be vibrated and fall down. If necessary, it must be removed and cleaned. In use, be careful not to let the distributor return valve open for a long time.


(2) If there is air in the oil circuit, it will affect the transmission of pressure oil. First, find out the cause of air. The main reasons for entering the air are insufficient oil or damaged gasket. At this time, you should add enough clean oil or replace the gasket, and exhaust the air in the oil circuit.


(3) If the spring force in the safety valve is reduced or residual deformation occurs, the opening pressure of the safety valve will be reduced. If it is opened prematurely before the oil pressure reaches the specified value, the full load cannot be raised.


(4) If the main tractor parts such as the oil pump, oil cylinder, distributor are severely worn, or the seal rubber ring and oil seal are damaged, the internal or external leakage of the hydraulic oil will be severe. The damaged parts should be replaced if the oil pressure cannot be established.


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2. The dispenser handle cannot automatically jump from the "top" position to the "middle" position.

(1) If the pressure of the safety valve is lower than the jump pressure, the pressure of the safety valve should be adjusted appropriately.

(2) If the oil return valve is dirty and the seal is not tight, the oil return valve shall be cleaned. If the oil return valve is worn or damaged, the new parts shall be replaced.

(3) If the slide valve return mechanism is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one.


3. Hose Rupture

(1) If the operating handle cannot return due to the failure of the booster valve of the distributor, the failed booster valve shall be replaced. If the pressure of the safety valve is adjusted too high, when the oil circuit encounters resistance, the safety valve cannot be opened under the standard pressure. When the pressure reaches the failure limit of the rubber tube, the rubber tube will burst.


(2) When the "lifting" or "lowering" farm tools reach the final point, if the automatic return of the distributor fails or the operation is not timely, keep the "lifting" or "lowering" position for a long time, so as to increase the oil pressure in the oil circuit and easily damage the hydraulic hose. If the hose is twisted during operation, the hose shall be aligned.



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Maintenance of Split Hydraulic Suspension System

In the tractor separated hydraulic suspension system, the hydraulic pump is installed on the left front of the engine, driven by the fan pulley gear shaft and equipped with claw type coupling clutch sleeve. The distributor is fixed on the front wall of the cab. The tank is fixed under the left floor of the cab. The main points of maintenance are as follows:


1. Every maintenance should pay attention to check whether the oil pump cover is sealed and whether there is oil leakage. Check whether the fixing screws of the inlet and outlet plates of the oil pump are loose, and whether the fixing screws of the upper and lower covers of the distributor are loose. Check the oil tank for oil leakage. If there is oil leakage, tighten the 4 fastening nuts or replace the oil cylinder seal in time. Pay attention to the tightness of each joint during use. Distributors are precision parts and are not allowed to be arbitrarily disassembled. The surface of the piston rod of the cylinder should be kept clean. Clean the dust outside the cylinder to check the tightness of each connection.


2. Check the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank before the tractor works everytime. If the oil level is not within the range of the dipstick, add it in time. Pay attention to the cleaning of the hydraulic filter and the hydraulic oil tank to ensure the cleanness of the hydraulic oil.


3. Before working, grease should be injected into the grease fitting on the support of the rotary shaft until it is squeezed out between the shaft sleeves, and screw down the screws and nuts. Check whether the two locating pins of the slewing shaft bracket move outward.


4. The connecting parts must be checked and adjusted frequently to avoid loosening and damaging the rubber oil delivery hose connecting the distributor and the oil cylinder. The hose must not be subject to torsion or impact loads. When the tractor is parked in the open space for a long time, the hose should be removed, stored in a cool and dry room, placed flat on the shelf, and the joints on the distributor and the oil cylinder should be sealed. When reconnecting the hose, be careful not to reverse the connection.



The above is the troubleshooting and maintenance methods for common faults of tractor hydraulic suspension system. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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