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The composition of the suspension and the role of the main components

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Suspension is the basic part of tractor parts, it usually consists of three parts: an elastic element, a shock absorber and a guide mechanism. The guiding mechanism is used to transmit longitudinal force, lateral force and moment, and to ensure that the wheel has a certain relative movement law with respect to the frame.



Suspension system refers to the whole support system composed of spring and shock absorber between vehicle body and tire. The function of the suspension system is to support the body and improve the ride feeling. Different suspension settings will make the driver have different driving feelings. The seemingly simple suspension system is one of the most important components of tractor spare parts, it determines the stability, comfort and safety of the tractor.


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Suspension Role

Suspension is the general term of all the force transmission connecting devices between the vehicle frame and the axle or wheel. Its function is to transmit the force and torsion between the wheel and the frame, and buffer the impact force transmitted from the uneven road surface to the frame or the body, and attenuate the vibration caused thereby, so as to ensure the smooth driving of the vehicle.



Structure of Main Components of Suspension

A typical suspension structure is composed of elastic elements, a guide mechanism, and a shock absorber. Some structures also include buffer blocks and lateral stabilizer bars. Elastic elements are in the form of leaf springs, air springs, coil springs and torsion bar springs.



Function of Main Components of Suspension

(1) The elastic element is used to bear and transmit vertical load, and alleviate the impact caused by the tractor when driving on uneven road.

(2) The guide device is used to transmit the longitudinal moment, lateral force and the resulting moment, and to ensure that the wheels have a certain movement law relative to the vehicle or the body.

(3) The vibration damping device is used to rapidly attenuate the vibration of the frame and body. As long as the suspension has the above-mentioned functions of buffering, guiding and damping, it is not necessary to have these three single devices in structure.


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Suspension is an important assembly in automobile. It connects the frame with the wheel elastically, which is related to the performance of automobile. From the appearance, the automobile suspension is only composed of some rods, barrels and springs. In fact, the automobile suspension is a tractor assembly which is difficult to meet the perfect requirements. This is because the suspension not only meets the requirements of the comfort of the tractor, but also meets the requirements of its handling stability. These two aspects are opposite to each other.



The suspension system of the tractor is divided into non-independent suspension and independent suspension. Non-independent suspension wheels are installed at both ends of an integral axle. When the wheel on one side jumps, the other wheel also jumps accordingly, causing the entire body to vibrate or tilt. The independently suspended axle is divided into two sections, and each wheel is independently installed under the frame by a coil spring. When the wheel jumps on one side, the other wheel is not affected, and the wheels on both sides can move independently, improving the stability and comfort of the tractor.



As modern people increasingly demand higher ride comfort and handling stability, non-independent suspension systems have gradually been eliminated. The independent suspension system is currently widely used by car manufacturers due to its good ground contact, ride comfort and handling stability, and left and right wheels can move freely, with greater freedom between tires and the ground, and better vehicle handling.

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