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Status and Development of Agricultural Machinery Parts Industry

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Status and Development of Agricultural Machinery Parts Industry

The development of agricultural machinery parts industry is an important driving force for technological advancement of agricultural machinery. The development of parts and components has promoted the upgrading of agricultural machinery products, it also promoted the progress of agricultural machinery industry. Below we mainly introduce the current status and development of agricultural machinery parts and components industry in China.



Current Status of China Agricultural Machinery Parts Industry


Since the beginning of this century, due to the needs of agricultural development and the implementation of agricultural benefits policies such as subsidies for agricultural machinery purchases, the agricultural machinery industry has developed rapidly. At the same time, agricultural machinery component enterprises also have experienced an unusual golden growth period, and component enterprises have enjoyed the fruitful results brought by the rapid growth of agricultural machinery.


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The total output value of China agricultural machinery industry was 89.58 billion yuan in 2004, and increased to 289 billion yuan in 2011, with an average annual growth rate of 27.9%. The prosperity of the agricultural machinery industry and the substantial increase in its holdings have also brought about the rapid development of the agricultural machinery parts industry. The average annual growth rate of output value of agricultural machinery parts is as high as 57%. The growth rate of parts and components is higher than that of the agricultural machinery industry, which also indicates the rapid increase in the degree of specialization in the production of parts and components.


At present, China has established a relatively complete component industry with modern processing methods and agile market procurement response. The rapid growth and development of agricultural machinery parts and components enterprises have contributed to the improvement of China agricultural mechanization level and the continuous increase of grain production and income in China for nine years.


Development of China Agricultural Machinery Parts Industry


The future is a golden decade for the rapid development of China agricultural machinery components. At present, China is in the process of comprehensive upgrading from traditional agricultural machinery to modern agricultural equipment. The rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry has brought unprecedented market opportunities and development space for parts enterprises to achieve leapfrog development.


Increase the research & development of core components, and strengthen independent innovation and core competitiveness. Without strong components to support, it will be difficult to form a strong agricultural machinery country. Strongly support and cultivate the R & D, manufacturing, technology introduction, technological transformation of key parts and components by host companies, help the parts and components companies to continuously enhance their innovation capabilities and core competitiveness. Thereby improving and strengthening their own supporting systems.


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Speed up the industrial upgrading of the industry, improve the manufacturing capacity and equipment level. In the next ten years, the develop speed of the agricultural products structure optimization will be more quickly. The change speed of the products' efficient, diverse, and intelligent development process also become quicker. So it will have higher requirements on the development of the agricultural parts industry. What’s more, the main components will face the demand of comprehensive upgrading.


To improve the level of component manufacturing and product quality, it is necessary to increase the technical transformation of enterprises and improve production conditions. It is also necessary to widely apply digital manufacturing technology and equipment, improve the level of agricultural machinery manufacturing processes and equipment, increase the manufacturing capacity of main components.


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