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L78.0177 Oil Pressure Sensor For Case IH

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Product Details

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New Holland 5610S (Mexico),6610S (Mexico),7610S (Mexico),T6030   PC/RC,T6050 PC/RC,T6070 PC/RC,T6080 PC/RC,T6090 PC/RC,T7.170 Auto & Power   Command,T7.185 Auto & Power   Command,TM115,TM120,TM125,TM130,TM135,TM140,TM150,TM155,TM165,TM175,TM190,TM7010   (Brasil),TM7020 (Brasil),TM7030 (Brasil),TM7040 (Brasil),TS100,TS100A   Deluxe,TS100A Plus,TS110,TS110A Deluxe,TS110A Plus,TS115,TS115A Deluxe,TS115A   Plus,TS125A Plus,TS130A Delta,TS135A Deluxe,TS135A Plus,TS80,TS90

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  • Port: Any Ports of China.

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Company Profile

LONMAR established at Rui’an Wenzhou where called “Chinese capital of Auto& moto parts” in 2007, is an export-oriented enterprise which specializes in the sale of tractor parts. 

We always uphold the creed of “dedicated to provide you the most competitive tractor repair supports and solutions”, carry through the operation 

principle of “global purchasing, global marketing”, also consistently promote the quality policy of “create, transcend, accumulate, optimize, practice, construct”.

Brand Meaning

LONMAR established at Rui'an Wenzhou where called "Chinese capital of Auto& moto parts" in 2007, is an export-oriented enterprise which specializes in the sale of tractor parts. 

We always uphold the creed of "dedicated to provide you the most competitive tractor repair supports and solutions", carry through the operation principle of "global purchasing, global marketing", also consistently promote the quality policy of "create, transcend, accumulate, optimize, practice, construct".

Lonmar Brand Logo

Because of that, we have transformed from traditional trading to entity trading, based on our 18-22 strategy to make interconnection between supply and operation. We are building up a professionalization, standardization, modernization, internationalization team with our sense of vison and responsibility that to provide top tractor maintenance support and solution, also endeavor to become “Your 1st Choice for Your Tractor Needs”.

What Can We Provide?

Premiumn Products

1. Establish standardized supplier evaluation and quality control system;
2. Professional SQE;
3. Strict enforcement of ISO9001 quality standards, all products have been included into to quality traceable system;
4. Intergrate industrial talents with technological resources, develop and innovate with customers and suppliers, keep improving product quality. 

Full of Range

Includes resources of global premium supply chains, we now have 14 brands of agricultural machinery and engine, which covers more than 11,000 kinds of engine, chassis, electric appliance and body accessories. Based on growing trend of after-market and products, we will continue optimizing product information and structure, also developing new marketable products. 

Resonable Price

1. Build auto cost accounting system;
2. Cost control in all process from procurement to logistics delivery;
3. Integrate orders and centralized procurement to provide the most reasonable price. 

Professional Service

1. Customer-oriented, resource integration, offer one-stop product customization service;
2. Focus on global market, multi-dimensional market research and analysis, offer global market information for our customers;
3. Offer overall design scheme of brand packaging;
4. Equipped with individual warehouse and partial inventory to speed up deliveries, and now we are preparing for port storage center both at home and abroad;
5.Focus on industry development for 10 years, armed with an effective internal collaboration team, carry out professional systematic training regularly, hence to provide comprehensive professional service! 

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    NO.4, Building B, Hongbei jinyuan, Rui’an, Zhejiang,  China
   0086-577-66600047