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JOHN DEERE 4050 Basic Information

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This article will introduce you to a classic and widely used tractor. The 50 Series is came out in 1983. It’s Row-Crop tractor. Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA.  The original price is $38,931 (1983 Quad-Range ROPS 2WD ) and $58,690 (1983 Power Shift Cab 4WD )


John Deere 4050 have two types engines, John Deere 7.6L 6-cyl diesel and John Deere 5.9L 6-cyl diesel, they match transmissions for 16-speed partial power shift and 15-speed full power shift.

About John Deere 4050’s power. The engine is 130Hp/96.9KW. Drawbar is 87 Hp/64.9KW,after the tests, we know it’s PTO is 105.89HP/79KW. power steering, hydrostatic wet disc brakes, 11098 to 12720 pounds weight, 18 qts 17.0 L engine oil capacity, 16 forward and 6 reverse gears. The wheelbase is 106.7 inches (2WD)/271 cm and 105.3 inches (4WD)/267 cm. The cab is Sound-Gard cab standard with air-conditioning. Optional four-post Roll-Gard ROPS.

John Deere 4050 hydraulics type is closed center, the capacity is 10.5 gal (2WD Power Shift)/9.7 L, 13.5 gal (4WD Power Shift)/51.1 L and 16.0 gal (Quad-Range)/60.6 L. The pressure is 2277PSI/ 157.0BAR. The valves have 2 to 3. The pump flow is 26.5GPM/100.3lpm. About tractor hitch: the rear type is II/I, control by ower-link draft sensing. Rear lift is 6,294 lbs/2854 kg and 7,418 lbs/3364 kg.

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