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How do companies cope with the troubled situation of the agricultural machinery parts industry?

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In recent years, the agricultural machinery industry has entered a stage of slowing growth from the "golden development period", which directly affects the normal operation of upstream component companies in the agricultural machinery industry. The agricultural machinery parts industry will be in trouble. How can agricultural machinery parts companies go further?



1. Agricultural machinery parts and accessories are greatly affected by the consumption of complete machine products

The products of agricultural machinery parts enterprises are mainly supplied in two aspects: supporting the complete machine enterprises and sending to distribution and maintenance outlets. The output of agricultural machinery products almost determines the total use of components, that is, if the total output of agricultural machinery declines, the demand for agricultural machinery components will decline accordingly. Taking the output of tractors released by the National Bureau of Statistics as an example, the output of large, medium and small tractors has fallen to a large extent from February to April this year. Tractor is a representative product of the agricultural machinery industry, the output of other categories of agricultural machinery products is likely to be similar.



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2. Parts companies should pay close attention to popular product categories in the agricultural machinery industry

The demand of agricultural machinery in China agriculture is unquestionable, so the prospect of the agricultural machinery industry must be better. Parts companies supporting "mass-type" agricultural machinery products, such as tractors, wheat, corn, and rice, are indispensable. Therefore, pay close attention to the industry, actively try to cooperate with popular products, and pay attention to the output and sales of the supporting cooperative enterprise products in a timely manner. Maintain good cooperative relationships with many machine manufacturers as possible to improve the company's ability to resist risks.



3. Parts enterprises should pay more attention to the manufacturing and upgrading of agricultural equipment

Not only is the upgrade of emissions standards testing the entire machine and component companies, the requirements for intelligent agricultural equipment for component upgrades are also imminent. Many industries in today's society have begun to become intelligent, and China's agricultural equipment is also developing in an intelligent direction. The demand for intelligent agricultural equipment for component upgrades, and the demand for components for software and hardware products related to intelligent equipment are all growing rapidly. These require component companies to prepare in advance.


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4. The quality improvement of agricultural machinery parts and components is the fundamental

It is conceivable that parts that can be made by everyone are not rare, and most of them are parts that cannot be manufactured. Enterprises should pay attention to the quality of parts and components, and need to improve in many aspects such as R & D design, manufacturing process, production control, management system, etc. Drawing on the consideration of component companies in the component selection system of international agricultural machinery giants to make up for the shortcomings of component products, it is possible to go more stable and farther in the agricultural machinery industry.



With insufficient knowledge, making up for shortcomings, and seizing opportunities, it is possible for component companies to go more stable and farther in the agricultural machinery industry.

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