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Fiat 80-66’s History and Performance

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Fiat 80-66, A tractor that sells like hot cakes around the world in 1985-1991. It came out in 1985, and widely used in small and medium-sized farmland. The original price is $26500(1990)


80-66 have 6 type’s variants, utility 2WD(80-66); utility 4WD(80-66DT);orchard 2WD(80-66OR); orchard 4WD(80-66ORDT);High-corp(80-66HC); High-corp 4WD(80-66HCDT). The Charging system is alternator, charging amps is 33, battery volts is 12.

About 80-66’s power. The engine is 80Hp/59.7KW. Drawbar is 62 Hp/46.2KW,after the tests, we know it’s PTO is 70HP/52.5KW.

For 80-66’s mechanical, the chassis is 4x2 WD/4X4 MFWD 4WD.The Brakes is differential mechanical wet disc. the Cab is Four-post ROPS. Canopy optional. And have three types transmissions: first type is 12-speed partially synchronized.  Second type is 12-speed mechanical shuttle, the third is 20-speed creeper.

The 80-66 Hydraulics type is open center, the pressure is 2700 Psi/186.2 bar. Valve is 1 to 3. Total flow is 11 gpm/41.6 lpm. And its Rear type is II, be control by position and lower-link draft. The Rear lift:  5194 lbs/2355 kg.

The 2 WD and 4WD’ Dimensions & Tires is different, 2WD Wheelbase is 90.7 inches/230 cm. 4WD Wheelbase is 88.5 inches/224 cm. and the tractor's  Weight is5800 to 6535 pounds. The Front tire is 7.50-16, 2WD Rear tire is 18.4-30.

The 80-66 tractor has been around for 20 years, Their spare parts are  popular in the aftermarket, If you are interested in this, please leave us a comment.

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