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Effective Measures to Reduce Tractor Cooling System Failures

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Effective Measures to Reduce Tractor Cooling System Failures

The cooling system of the tractor is mostly a closed forced circulation cooling system. It consists of pumps and radiators with strong water supply and heat dissipation capabilities, as well as tractor parts such as thermostats and fans. The cooling system of the tractor enables the tractor to work normally under a variety of demanding conditions and can always be in a good temperature state. In daily use, we must operate correctly to reduce the failure rate of tractor cooling system.


 1. Add Cooling Water in Time

Check the water level of the radiator tank during routine maintenance and add it if necessary.


(1) When the tractor engine is short of water, the cooling water added to the water tank shall meet the technical requirements. Use soft water such as distilled water. Do not add hard water to avoid scaling and corrosion of the liner. A common method of softening hard water is to remove the precipitate after boiling. A more thorough method is to add a softener in hard water, such as 0.5-1 g of sodium bicarbonate or 0.5-0.8 g of sodium hydroxide in 1 L of water.

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(2) Maintain proper water surface. The liquid level of the water tank must not be lower than 8cm below the upper opening of the benefit tube to avoid local water shortage. However, the cooling water should not be overfilled. If it is overfilled, when the tractor is driving on uneven ground, the cooling water is easy to splash and drip on the cylinder head and some other tractor parts, which may cause these tractor parts crack.


(3) When the diesel engine is overheated due to water shortage, cold water should not be added immediately. Let the diesel engine run at low speed first, and then add cooling water after the water temperature drops to 50-60 ° C.


(4) Do not add water before starting. The dangers of adding water after starting are about that it will be easy to cause cracks in the parts, cylinder heads and water tanks, and it is easy to make the oil age and deteriorate under the action of high temperature.



2. Prevent Leakage of Cooling System

(1) The internal leakage of the tractor cooling system allows the cooling water to enter the oil pan. The main reason for the cooling water entering the oil pan is the damage of the relevant tractor parts. Any crack, trachoma, or damage to any of these tractor parts will allow cooling water to enter the diesel oil pan when it comes into contact with the watercourse. When inserting the cylinder liner, the cylinder block should be laid flat. When the cylinder liner passes through the water blocking ring, it should be observed from above the cylinder block and used to turn the water blocking ring with a screwdriver to avoid cutting injuries and causing water leakage. The water blocking ring must not be distorted after installation.

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(2) The leakage of the tractor cooling system reduces the cooling water. The rubber pipe joint is leaking, and it can be tightened with the screw of the screwdriver rubber pipe joint clamp. If the rubber hose is damaged, it should also be replaced. In case of emergency, tape can be used to bandage the rupture. When replacing the rubber tube, in order to facilitate the insertion, a little oil can be applied to the mouth of the rubber tube. Pump gaskets or water seals are damaged and should be replaced. There is a crack in the radiator water tank. If it is scratched by the fan blades or subject to vibration or frost cracking, the radiator should be removed to find out.



3. Regularly Check, Adjust and Maintain the Cooling System

(1) During operation, the opening of the water tank windscreen and shutters should be adjusted at any time according to the operating temperature of the diesel engine, so that the diesel engine works within the normal temperature range of 75-95 ° C.


(2) Always check whether the fan drive belt is too loose. If it is too loose, adjust it. At the same time, add oil or grease to the fan, water pump bearing, and tensioner.


(3) Every 300-400 hours of diesel engine work, check the water leakage of the pump. If water still leaks, replace the water seal packing.


(4) Clean up the dirt and blockage on the exterior of the radiator in time. Regularly clean up the scale inside the cooling system.


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The technical status of the tractor cooling system has a great impact on the normal operation of the tractor. John Deere Parts can help tractor drivers better maintain the tractor cooling system on weekdays and reduce the occurrence of failures.

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