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Comparison of Tractor Engine and Car Engine

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Comparison of Tractor Engine and Car Engine

As we all know, modern agriculture is inseparable from advanced agricultural appliances, and the application of tractors in agriculture is also obvious. Similarly, the car is closely related to the life of our general public, and it is the most popular mode of transportation today. But do you know the detail information about their engine systems?


For example, the tractor engine is a device that generates power for a tractor, and its role is to convert the thermal energy of fuel into mechanical energy to output power. Most of the agricultural tractors produced in China use diesel engines. While the car engine is the engine that provides power to the car and is the heart of the car. It affects the power, economy and environmental protection of the car.



They both have engines, but what's the difference? This article will give some introduction, I hope it will help.



There is no essential difference. Generally, tractors use diesel engines. The working principle is the same as that of automotive diesel engines, so the only difference is power and environmental protection.


tractor engine


The principle of the engine is same. The main reason is the gearbox. The tractor is mainly about power, not speed. The gearbox has a large gear ratio. Cars also demand speed, and the speed ratio is relatively small. The speed ratio is the ratio of the number of machine revolutions to the speed of the transmission. The bigger the machine is , the slower it turns.



In detail, according to different power sources, automotive engines can be divided into diesel engines, gasoline engines, electric vehicle motors, and hybrids.



Gasoline engine has high speed, low quality, low noise, easy starting, and low manufacturing cost. Diesel engine has large compression ratio, high thermal efficiency, better economic performance and emission performance than gasoline engine.



Most cars are gasoline engines but tractors are diesel. The advantages of gasoline engines are relatively light, high speed, and high power in the same volume. Because of the work needs of the tractor, the tractor has a large transmission ratio and a higher torque amplification factor, so it can't run fast, but it is powerful.


The tractor is for cargo loading. The diesel engine is compression-ignited. However, when designing a diesel engine or a gasoline engine, the balance of power and torque will be taken into consideration, depending on which part of the design is more focused.



There are many product descriptions about tractors parts in the market. How to choose a cost-effective one from many products is a technical task, because a complete machine needs to be equipped with hundreds of parts and accessories, as small as a screw and a clutch cover, as large as clutch cover assembly and a full of engine, which may affect the use of the product.



It is necessary to choose an excellent professional R & D team. Because buyers need mature technology, specialized quality control management system, strict selection of suppliers for procurement and good after-sales service. In short, it provides one-stop service from R & D, production, monitoring, procurement, and after-sales.


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Agricultural machinery as a good helper for agricultural production and prosperity. You should use it not only in purchasing and maintaining, but also should operate carefully and maintain the machine from time to time. Please choose the professional manufactures and dealers.

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