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Classifications and Features of Suspension Systems

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The suspension system, also known as the shock mitigation system, is a mechanical structure connecting the wheel to the car body. The main function of the suspension system is to slow down the impact between the car body and the road surface and make the car more stable.

Classifications of Suspension Systems

There are many kinds of suspension system, with the improvement of technical level, the suspension system is also gradually improving. The suspension system is divided into two types: independent suspension systems and non-independent suspension systems. The following is a detailed description of the two types of suspension systems.


The Introduction of the Independent Suspension Systems

Independent suspension system, refers to each wheel has a separate elastic suspension system, independent of each other, and work without affecting each other. At present, the main independent suspension systems include double furcal arm suspension, double cross arm suspension, multi-link suspension and Macpherson suspension.


Furcal arm suspension has excellent supporting performance. It has been hailed as one of the best-performing suspension and it has been widely used in supercars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. This kind of suspension occupies large space, its structure is complex and the cost is high, so it is generally used in high-grade cars.


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The arms of double cross arm suspension are not crossed. This suspension is widely used by some manufacturers of sporting type cars because of its excellent performance and low production costs.


The multi-link suspension is an integrated independent suspension consisting of multiple connecting rods (usually 3-5). The multi-link suspension features stability, smooth swerve, and comfort. This type of suspension is relatively low-cost and is widely used in the front suspension of comfortable type cars and the rear suspension of most cars.


The Macpherson suspension is the most popular suspension at present. It has the advantages of compact structure and small space, and is the most widely used suspension at present. This suspension has the characteristics of economical, durable and low cost.


The Introduction of the Non-independent Suspension Systems

Non-independent suspension refers to suspension without a relatively independent structure that cannot work independently. The non-independent suspension has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high strength and easy maintenance, but it is basically no longer used in modern cars because of its poor comfort and controlling stability. This suspension is an important tractor part and is also widely used in other agriculture machine. The non-independent suspension system is mainly divided into multiple spring suspension and twist axle suspension.


The multiple spring suspension has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost and high strength, and is applied to large cars.


The twist axle suspension is the most common type of non-independent suspension system. This kind of suspension structure is simple in structure and small in space, is widely used in the economical type cars.


Different suspensions have different characteristics, and no one is absolutely good or bad. Different suspensions perform differently in different road conditions. So when we choose the suspension, we should choose the most suitable one for ourselves.

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