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Agricultural Machinery Industry Policy and Environmental Analysis

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Agricultural Machinery Industry Policy and Environmental Analysis

The application of agricultural machinery includes soil planting, loading, irrigation, traction and power, planting, hay production, fertilizer harvesting, and pest control. Agricultural sowing, harvesting machinery, and other hardware equipment will follow the industry's revolutionary changes. Today, we will briefly introduce the agricultural machinery industry policy and environmental analysis.


Definition of the Agricultural Machinery Industry


Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in crops and production processes, as well as in agriculture and primary processing. Agricultural machinery includes agricultural power machinery, soil cultivation machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, plant protection machinery, farmland irrigation and drainage machinery, crop harvesting machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural transportation machinery.


Agricultural machinery is a relative concept, which refers to a general term for all machinery used in agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, and fishery. The promotion of agricultural machinery is called agricultural mechanization.


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Classification of the Agricultural Machinery Industry


According to the purpose: most of the machinery is specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of agriculture and the special requirements of various operations. Such as soil cultivation machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, etc. The other part of the agricultural machinery is common to other industries and can be directly selected according to the characteristics and needs of agriculture, such as agricultural power machinery, water pumps in farmland drainage and irrigation machinery, etc.


According to the power: the power of agricultural machinery can be divided into two parts: one is used for walking or moving of agricultural machinery, which can be divided into human, animal traction and power self-propelled type. The other is used for agricultural machinery working parts drives can be divided into human drive, animal power drive, electric power drive and tractor drive. Both parts can use the same or different power on the same agricultural machine.


According to the place of operation: agricultural machinery is divided into field operations (fields, ranches, orchards, etc.), yard operations, indoor operations (factories, machine rooms, warehouses, greenhouses and poultry houses, etc.), water or water operations (river, channel, reservoir, etc.) And wells, etc.), road operations and operations.


agricultural machinery tools


Development Prospects of Agricultural Machinery Industry


Through the analysis of agricultural machinery industry policy and environment, the agricultural platform will allow the sharing of agricultural machinery architecture across multiple industries and provide better system support for agricultural machinery. The high demand for agricultural tractors and harvesting machinery will lead to the growth of market share in the next five years. It is expected that North America will still occupy a large market share, followed by Europe in the global agricultural machinery market.


The market portion of planting, fertilizing machinery and farming machinery will also expand to a certain scale. Due to population growth in countries such as China and India, the size of the farming machinery market in the Asia-Pacific region will grow rapidly in the next five years to increase food productivity to meet the needs of a growing population. The global agricultural machinery market is highly fragmented, and a large number of companies compete for profit shares. It is expected that major companies will adopt an export-oriented strategy to maintain competition.



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